2015 Messages

bold in my soul

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Building Core Strength 1/4/2015 Celebrating the New Year Well Ps 40:1-3
Building Core Strength 1/11/2015 Shoring Up Our Foundation I Cor 9:9-27
Building Core Strength 1/18/2015 One Verse Evangelism Rom 6:23 Sanctity of Human Life Day; Baby Dedication; Soup Sunday
Building Core Strength 1/25/2015 Fulfilling Your Calling in Christ Colossians 3:12-17
Building Core Strength 2/1/2015 Cancelled due to weather
Building Core Strength 2/8/2015 Our Reliable Source Luke 1:1-4
Building Core Strength 2/15/2015 God’s Precious Promises Luke 1:5-80 Valentine’s Day; Soup Sunday
Building Core Strength 2/22/2015 Acknowledging His Coming Luke 2:1-52
Building Core Strength 3/1/2015 Guest Speaker—Chris Gendron
Building Core Strength 3/8/2015 Tell it like it is Luke 3:1-22 Daylight Savings Time; Gideon Speaker
Building Core Strength 3/15/2015 Comfortable in Your Own Skin Luke 4:14-5:15 Soup Sunday
Easter 3/22/2015 You Can’t Do That Luke 5:12-6:11
Easter 3/29/2015 Strange Strength for the Establishment of a Kingdom Luke 6:12-49 5th Sunday; BCC 101; Palm Sunday
Easter 4/5/2015 Astonishing Faith Luke 7:1-17 Easter
4/12/2015 Guest Speaker—Jeff @ The Daughter Project
Getting to the Core 4/19/2015 Figuring Out What You Believe Is 40:8 Soup Sunday
Getting to the Core 4/26/2015 Figuring Out Why You’re Here Gen 1:26-31; 3:1-15
Getting to the Core 5/3/2015 Figuring Out Who You Are Eph 1:1-2:10
Getting to the Core 5/10/2015 Figuring Out What You Want James 1:12-18 Mother’s Day
Getting to the Core 5/17/2015 Figuring Out Who You Love Deut 6:1-15 Soup Sunday
Getting to the Core 5/24/2015 Figuring Out Where You’re Going John 14:1-6 Memorial Day Weekend
Building Core Strength 5/31/2015 Being Honest About Your Doubts Luke 7:18-35 5th Sunday
6/7/2015 Guest Speaker
Building Core Strength 6/14/2015 Loving Your Savior Luke 7:36-50 Honor Graduates; Soup Sunday
Building Core Strength 6/21/2015 A Father’s Strength Luke 9:46-62 Father’s Day; Baby Dedication; Soup Sunday
Building Core Strength 6/28/2015 Developing Shiny Ears Luke 8:1-18
Building Core Strength 7/5/2015 Using Your Freedom to be a Light Luke 11:14-54 Independence Day
7/12/2015 Guest Speaker–Scott Towers
Building Core Strength 7/19/2015 Marveling at the Power of Christ Luke 8:22-56 Soup Sunday
Building Core Strength 7/26/2015 Understanding Your Source of Power Luke 9:1-36
Building Core Strength 8/2/2015 Looking for Strength in all the Wrong Places Luke 10:1-42 VBS Day
Building Core Strength 8/9/2015 Strength that Leads Somewhere Luke 13:1-35
Building Core Strength 8/16/2015 Preparing for the Party Jesus is giving Luke 14:1-24 Soup Sunday; Baptism and Family Night
Building Core Strength 8/23/2015 The Strength of Forgiveness Luke 15:11-32
Building Core Strength 8/30/2015 The Strength of Shrewdness Luke 16:1-17 5th Sunday; BCC 101
Building Core Strength 9/06/2015 Coming Face to Face with Eternity Luke 16:19-31 Labor Day Weekend, Communion
Building Core Strength 9/13/2015 The Strength of Solving Problems Luke 17:1-10
Building Core Strength 9/20/2015 The Foundational Strength of Thanksgiving Luke 17:11-21 Missionary Briana Towers
Building Core Strength 9/27/2015 The Strength of Waiting Luke 18:1-43 SYATP
Building Core Strength 10/4/2015 The Strength of Capitalization Luke 19:1-27 Fall Fest
Building Core Strength 10/11/2015 The Strength of Choosing the Right King Luke 19:28-20:18
Building Core Strength 10/18/2015 Four Strong Responses to our Lord’s Passover Luke 22:7-38  Communion
Building Core Strength 10/25/2015 Being Strong When Others Aren’t Luke 22:39-71
Stewardship 11/1/2015 Stewardship of Spiritual Disciplines Ps 1:1-6 Daylight Savings
Stewardship 11/8/2015 Growing Stronger in your Giving 2 Cor 8-9
Stewardship 11/15/2015 Growing Strong in Service Matt 20:20-28 Thanksgiving Dinner
Stewardship 11/22/2015 The Stewardship of our Outreach 2 Cor 5 Communion
Christmas 11/29/2015 A Strong Challenge Gen 3:1-16 5th Sunday; BCC 101
Christmas 12/6/2015 A Strong Promise Gen 49:1-12
Christmas 12/13/2015 A Strong Prediction Is 7:1-16
Christmas 12/20/2015 We Have Our Savior Children’s Program
Christmas 12/27/2015 Guest Speaker: Chris Gendron
Christmas 1/3/2016 Developing Strong Faith Luke 1:35-49